Our Story

15 Years of family tradition.

Big Mouth BBQ was started in 2001 after one of the greatest tragedies in U.S. history, September 11, 2001.My wife and I had recently purchased a small Air Freight company with the help of her parents who had owned the company for the last 30 years.  We took the reigns on January 1, 2000.

Sean's love of food started at a young age...

Sean’s love of food started at a young age…


All was well as we attempted to grow the business that relied on commercial airlines bringing in air freight which we then delivered by ground locally and across the state of Montana.  It was a nice little operation that had made a living for 2 generations of Suzie’s family in Great Falls since 1962.


As the 3rd generation owners, Suzie and I were looking forward to the future.  Then the planes hit the towers.  As of September 12, 2001  Air freight as we new it, was over.


Growing up in West Texas, there was always smoke rolling out of somebody’s barn where washers were tossed, beers were drank and stories were exaggerated.  I left Texas for a summer job in Glacier Park when I was 23, just to see some different scenery.  I met Suzie on the back porch of Lake McDonald Lodge and realized that Happiness was Lubbock Texas in my rear view mirror.


Big Mouth at the Montana State Fair

Big Mouth at the Montana State Fair

However,  I was still a Texan and dreams of the great BBQ I grew up on lingered. A few years back, I had convinced Suzie to let me buy a small smoker from Walmart so I could get my fix.  This led to neighbors and friends getting a taste as one of the greatest parts of cooking BBQ was the sharing of BBQ.


The week of September 17, 2001, we decided to take my hobby to the bank.  We bought a flatbed trailer and I proceeded to build a square box on the back, and a big boy smoker on the front.  Big Mouth BBQ was born.


Suzie had managed a busy restaurant in Great Falls when I was still driving for her mom and dad so I had an advantage.  She was the brains, I was the cook.   We got into the Christmas Stroll
in December of that year, then the State Fair
the following Summer.


From our cooker to your mouth.

We had great success at these events.   Much of our success was based on this neat little Idea, The Cowboy Cocktail.  It was a perfect festival food and combined all the things I loved as a kid- Beans, BBQ and Tater Salad.


Fast forward 15 years and here we are.  With the help of Sera who’s been with us 13 of those 15, we have gone from a trailer, to a joint.  7 tables, cold beer, great BBQ and southern fried goodness.  We pride ourselves on being a Great Falls’ original.

Big Mouth BBQ- a Lone Star in the Big Sky!